ATTENTION LADIES DISCOVER How To Defend Against a Much Larger Attacker... 

(Even if you think you're not strong enough)

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18 November 2017

09:00 - 12:00

(Registration Closes 17 November at Midnight)


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Did you know?

  • 85% of all confrontations end on the ground?
  • Did you know that 90% of attackers are someone that you know… a family friend, neighbor, or significant other.
  • 1 in 5 Women are assaulted each day.

The art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is 

YOUR Solution!

Boiled down to it’s essence, a martial art is a way to defend yourself. It’s a violent solution for a problem with no other answer. You can’t run away, You can’t call for help.

It took me from thinking "I'm too small to defend against a man" to "I'm gonna break his arm & choke someone!"

Bryanna G.

It felt empowering to know that there are effective ways to counter without using so much energy. Being able to use your mind more than body strength.

Kimberly Q.

But I don't want to be on the floor with a sweaty man...

My friend, I understand your concern but, here's the reality, that is exactly who your attacker will be! A sweaty, stinky man (whom of which you probably know). Image this... you are now on your back with a bigger and stronger attacker on top of you, what do you do?


Do you hit the guy?


Gouge his eyes? (Like you've seen on tv)

Call for help? (That usually never works)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a ground based Martial Art with concepts based around leverage and technique that enables you to better defend yourself, no matter the size of the attacker.

Very thorough, they do not take it easy on you by letting you take it easy on them. they are patient and I felt very comfortable. They made sure I understood everything!

Crystal D.

After being physically assaulted, I asked God to please help me, the next day I saw this event and God put you there for me. After today's workshop, I have no doubt I will ever be put a another situation that I can't get out of.

Tammy D.

what you will learn...

Strength and Endurance

Through Fundamental
BJJ Calisthenics 

How to master your hip power

with bJJ specific drills like the "upa" and the "shrimp"

How to subdue a 250 pound attacker 

with the mere snap of your hip 

AND SO MUCH MORE! – These components will get you in tuned with your body. The more you get to know YOUR body and your surroundings, the more capable you are of defending yourself.

Success Stories...


I quickly saw and experienced how this art uses leverage and technique to gain advantage against attackers fifty to a hundred pounds heavier than I am.There is no such thing as “not strong enough” in Jiu-Jitsu!

Ashley S

Overwhelmingly informative with real life practical instruction.

Anna F.

To be able to come in, receive facts, and be taught how to actually apply what we learned was a blessing.

Cecilia R.

Workshop was very insightful and the one-on-one experience was amazing!

Erica J.