FINALLY! How To Get Stronger and Leaner With
The Barbell Deadlift...

(WITHOUT Hurting Your Back!)

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I know what you're thinking... "Isn't the deadlift bad for my back?"

This is a very common misconception. Actually the way people deadlift is bad for their backs.

But the deadlift itself is essential to YOUR health! 

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Why The Deadlift?

(Isn't it bad for my back?)

The deadlift is the MOST fundamental exercise that you should be doing.

Everyday for the rest of your life you will need to be able to [safely] pick things up from the floor without getting injured.

The deadlift has been quipped as "The King of Exercises". How so?

Well, aside from getting you strong as an ox (it's ok to be strong ladies), the deadlift works EVERY muscle in the body.

The more muscles you incorporate while exercising, the more energy (i.e., calories burned) you will expend, which can be leveraged for fat loss.

How to barbell deadlift, corpus christi, tx

Here's What You Get...

Join us Saturday, 14 October from 9a-12p as we break down all of the components
required for safely executing the barbell deadlift including...

  • A step-by-step training manual to ensure you retain all the information you learn.
  • How to choose the appropriate weight to safely burn the maximum amount of calories.
  • How to master the KING of ALL exercises in 3 simple steps -- WITHOUT a belt, wraps, or straps!
  • How to get stronger and build quality [CALORIE TORCHING] lean muscle in 8 weeks without a single ounce of cardio.
  • And much more...

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Here's What Others Are Saying...

Aleisha K.Busy Mom of 2

Not only have I lost several inches and 3% body fat, but I have also gotten stronger and more confident. I have increased bell size in certain movements and am seeing more muscle definition in my arms and legs.

Austin P.

I started with Hardstyle at 182lbs. and 29.7 percent body fat. Six months later, I had dropped down to 152 lbs and 13% body fat.

Signing up here has been the best decision I have made so far when it comes to my health and well being.

Virginia M.Busy Mom of 7

30 minutes!!!

Kettlebell is like natural Lipo Suction. You could even call it the microwave workout!!!

Pop into class with the coaches at Hardstyle for 30 minutes and come out smaller and stronger!!!

Patricia G.

The results are phenomenal with quick 30 minute classes a few times a week.

I need a whole new wardrobe of smaller sizes already!