ATTENTION LADIES Looking to lose weight and fit better in their clothes...

Come learn how women like  YOU  are losing weight with our revolutionary training system!

You're probably thinking you need to workout 6 times a week with light weights and really high reps to build lean, toned arms, legs, and abs in order to fit back into your high school jeans again... am I right?

You probably also think your workouts needs to look like this:

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    Monday - Chest and back (for one hour)
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    Tuesday - Cardio (for 1 hour)
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    Wednesday - Biceps and Triceps (for one hour)
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    Thursday - Cardio (for 1 hour)
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    Friday - Legs and abs (for one hour)
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    Saturday - Cardio (for 1 hour)
How to barbell deadlift, corpus christi, tx

How fun does this sound with your busy schedule?

Our revolutionary training system is exactly that... A SYSTEM! We've been able to help women like YOU lose weight fast in under 2 hours a week and get back into their clothes and actually enjoy shopping again.

Our Secret Sauce


If something can be practiced, it is considered a skill. Strength IS one of those somethings. Strength makes tasks and activities like: playing with your kids, moving furniture, and opening the pickle jar (without asking your husband for help 😉) easier. 

Here's the TRUTH when is comes to exercise for fat loss...

When following the proper nutrition regiment, you need an exercise that uses a lot of energy (to burn the most calories, after a workout) by incorporating as many muscles possible. The deadlift IS that exercise.

2.TECHNIQUE (special formula below)

This is the ONE THING that will absolutely kill your success when training for fat loss...

If you move poorly you will not be efficient enough to move enough weight... at the end of the day, the more weight you can [safely] move, the more calories you can burn...

My Secret Technique / Fat Loss Formula

==> The cleaner and more refined your technique is ...

==> The stronger you will become...

==> The stronger you become the more swings, presses, and squats you can do...

==> The more swings, presses, and squats you can do, the more calories you can burn...

==> The more calories you burn = FAT LOSS!

Pretty scientific huh? 😉

But Does It Help With The "Pouch" After A Baby?

Our scientifically proven 3-Step Core System is guaranteed to build a leaner and stronger midsection, better than any 7 minute ab contraption WITHOUT a single crunch!

This system will teach you what we call "linkage" and not "leakage". You will soon learn how to master "linking" up all of your muscles to not only get stronger, but to turn you into a more efficient calorie burning machine. Once you've mastered this system (at the workshop), you will be moving more weight and like I said...

Moving more weight = more calories burned = fat loss!

Ok, but what about the flab around my arms?

T____ + T____ = more defined arms. (I love coming up with these formulas, as you can tell)

This little known secret formula will tone and tighten your upper arms (and give you a nicely defined upper back, to wear that dress you've been avoiding) better than any number or arm isolation exercises on the planet... and WE WILL TEACH IT TO YOU!

So if you've been wanting to wear (but have been avoiding) that little black dress that show cases your lean arms, legs, back and midsection...

Here's what you need to do...

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Join us Saturday, 14 October from 9a-12p
as we break down our SIMPLE 3-Step System required
for reshaping your body FAST!

here's what You can expect...

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    A detailed step-by-step training manual of our system to ensure you retain all the information you learn.
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    How to choose the appropriate weight to burn the maximum amount of calories.
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    How to master the KING of ALL exercises in 3 simple steps -- WITHOUT a belt, wraps, or straps!
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    How to reshape your body WITHOUT a single ounce of cardio. 
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    And much more...

Don't Take Our Word For it...

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Here's what others Busy Moms are saying...


Not only have I lost several inches and 3% body fat, but I have also gotten stronger and more confident. I have increased bell size in certain movements and am seeing more muscle definition in my arms and legs.

Aleisha K. Busy Mom

The results are phenomenal with quick 30 minute classes a few times a week. After a few months, I need a whole new wardrobe of smaller sizes!

Patrica G. Busy Mom

30 minutes with Hardstyle is like natural Lipo Suction. You could even call it the microwave workout!!! Pop into class with the coaches at Hardstyle for 30 minutes and come out smaller and stronger!!!

Virginia M. Busy Mom

Two years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life. I started working out ONLY 3 days a week for 30 min. Following Hardstyle's meal plans the fat literally melted off me. I GOT A SIX PACK!

Kristen O. Busy Mom